Subset 27 was born f rom the idea of taking the most social aspects of hospitality and putting them under one roof: Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Entertainment. A synergistic venue to connect with others, Subset 27 is a unique place where welcoming service makes your visit a special one, whether you’re having drinks with friends or enjoying one of our eclectic dishes.

Our Team


Always having a penchant for  food and the togetherness it can bring, the founder of Subset 27 created an ensemble of service orientated professionals who proudly make up the Subset 27 team. Our Head Chef is the initiator and creator of our menu, that boasts quality and fresh ingredients. The Venue Manager has many years of hospitality experience and he is known for his vibrancy with our customers. Our Bar Manager is one of the best Mixologists in town, who focuses on the intricate details of any cocktail. Our Customer Service Supervisor makes sure that everyone’s visit is a delightful & memorable one. Come in, meet our team & enjoy the Subset 27 experience.


Light & easy lunches
Light on the belly & light on the wallet ☺
$15 Monday to Friday
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The Subset 27 Bartender Awards first official TASTING NIGHT 🙌
27 June 7.30pm
Watch our resident Mixologist recreate each of the cocktails for the Awards, followed by a tasting of each
- Acqua laguna
- Bomba Erotica
- Devils Gambit
-District XII
Place your vote as you enjoy complimentary canapés
$20 pp 
For further information or to hold your place, email reservations@subset27.com.au
Must be 18+ to participate. Drink responsibly.
Third Annual Bartender Awards. Let's make Bomba Erotica
18+ Drink Responsibly
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Here & happy to serve you some of the best meals in town
Join us for your next lunch or dinner
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Yes we are open public holiday Monday 🙌🙌
The perfect time for a great meal & a cheeky cocktail or two
Vist us between 12-8.30pm
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